Try out my SciFi/Fantasy series Tasks of the Nakairi!

3D Images of the books from Tasks of The Nakairi Series

Find Valbore and Nexus of Change on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Book Three, The Shurshu coming soon. Update: Shurshu is all done except final formatting. But I have developed a serious medical issue –surgery is in my immediate future, so things will be delayed for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that.

And my  Thriller Series, ATF Agent Charley Rogers

3D Cover images of Trace of Madness and The Death God

Books in the Charley Rogers Series, Trace of Madness and The Death God are available on Kindle Unlimited also.

Sample the first chapters from book one of each series below


Valbore introduces you to the world in which the Aria Atlani are refugees from another universe which was destroyed. This world, called Eperu, is but one of the sanctuaries in different universes to which they have escaped. Now, faced with the horror one group of the world’s natives have conjured up, Sara from Earth was brought to this universe to battle the thing known as a valbore.

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Trace of Madness

Life was good for undercover ATF agent Charley Rogers. She loved her job, and she was surrounded by friends and family. She had even fully recovered from the physical damage inflicted on her by ‘The Butcher’, the serial killer who almost took her life twelve years before. The psychological scars were another matter. She had mentally put the experience in a box and closed the lid. She thought it was gone forever. Nevertheless, her new assignment, a sting operation in a pawnshop meant to bring down the mysterious Triple Six gang, brought her face to face with her demons and it awakens the past. Gradually her carefully built life is shattering. Would she become the very thing she hated the most?

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