K.E. Young, Author and her rescue cat Slick
K.E. Young with Slick

My name is K.E. Young and I am a writer.

But I’m not just K.E. Young, the writer, I am also a network engineer, a daughter and sister, and the ‘mom’ to a long-haired rescue cat named Slick. But I have been writing for most of my life.

I grew up in a home full of books and book lovers. When I was little, my mother read to me daily. We would both sit in the big chair and she would hold the book so I could see it as she read, following each word with her finger. I learned very early to associate the printed word with the spoken word and learned to read even before reaching kindergarten.

I became an obsessive reader of everything I got my hands on; fiction, non-fiction, it made no difference. Which is how I discovered that an abnormal embryology textbook is not appropriate material for show and tell… even if the pictures are cool.

But why write?

It naturally followed that I would write. Like my reading, sometimes it was fiction and sometimes non-fiction. But it was for my own amusement and I never thought to publish. But a year ago I mentioned something I was working on to Mom and she asked to read what I had so far.

And then the nagging started. “You have to finish this story, and you need to get it ready to publish. You can do it on Kindle.” Mom became a partner to me in this venture. A wall to bounce ideas off, a critic, an editor, and a cheerleader. She researched the necessities of the business and yes, she nagged… a lot.

And here we are.

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