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Picture of K. E. Young, Author of the series 'Tasks of the Nakairi.'
K.E. Young

K.E.Young is the author of an exciting new SciFi/Fantasy series, Tasks of the Nakairi.

She is also the author of a contemporary thriller series featuring a female ATF undercover agent named Charley Rogers.

Her books include Valbore, Nexus of Change, and The Shurshu in the Tasks of the Nakairi series. Upcoming books in this  series are The Sealed House and The Demongate.

In the Charley Rogers series she has written Trace of Madness and The Death God.

The world in which she sets her SciFi/Fantasy stories is one of multiple universes, magic, dragons, quantum physics, and inter-dimensional beings, all  woven around action, adventure, and romance.

Readers from both Science Fiction and Fantasy should find themselves satisfied. A daughter of scientists and a career as a network engineer plus wide interests in, among other things, ancient history, has sparked her stories.

Her current work includes the contemporary thriller series featuring ATF Special Agent Charley Rogers. Still in her teens, Agent Rogers is abducted and tortured at the hands of a sadistic serial killer. Rescued, barely alive, the attack leaves her with scars both physical and mental. Still, she goes on to be a highly effective law enforcement officer with a special feeling for victims.

K.E. Young, who writes series in two genres and her rescue cat Slick
K.E. Young and Slick

Though new to the published writing scene, K.E. has been writing her entire life, either technical writing or for her own amusement.

She Lives in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest where she writes under the stern, watchful eye of her long-haired rescue cat, Slick.