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A Charley Rogers Story by K.E. Young

Wood box labeled as high explosive next to a detonator.
High Explosive

My name is Charley Rogers and I work undercover for the ATF.  I’m assigned to the Albuquerque office, my home town. I finished work late last night and still had to be in the office today –on time. Such is life in the law enforcement biz.

My day started badly. Actually, the bad started last night when I took the chance on leftover burritos from several days ago. I should have known better. There was nothing else in the refrigerator and I hate to cook. I was up half the night with the after affects and when I finally did get to sleep, I failed to heed my alarm.

It left me no time for breakfast, which was okay because my gut still felt fragile but I still had to rush if I was going to get to work on time. That would have worked out except I jammed the zipper in my jeans and had to break it to get them off again. Second pair of jeans and I am in my car, halfway there, center lane on a two-way street with a concrete divider down the middle. Traffic stops dead.

Some idiot at the next intersection took a chance on running the red light and T-boned a church bus full of elderly passengers. Big official response. No way was I going to get involved, but traffic had quickly backed up and I could not move from my current parking spot until the accident cleared a bit.

Molina had scheduled a staff meeting this morning. I was due in less than ten minutes and even if traffic magically dispersed and I could start moving this instant, I was still going to be late. Better let him know. I hauled out my phone. Dark screen. I hit the power button. Nothing. I searched the glove compartment for the charger that fit in the cigarette lighter. Missing.


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