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Image of the planet Eperu showing it's rings and with one of it's two moons in view
The planet Eperu and Shib –the grey moon

The Eperu Calendar

The world in which the Tasks of the Nakairi is set is called Eperu. The Eperu year is only 356 days long (9 days shorter than Earth’s). The calendar begins at the spring equinox and consists of seven months. Each month has seven weeks of seven days. At the end of the year (just before the spring equinox), there is an extra thirteen days for the New Life Festival.

The seasons are mostly broken up into either summer or winter. The month of Rains is counted as Autumn and The month of Seeding is counted as Spring. The New Life Festival counts as either spring or winter depending on the weather that year.

Lunar calendars aren’t used except by sailors to track tides. This is due to a complete lack of congruence with the solar year, the seasons, or each other.

* Due to the difference in the length of the years, there is no equivalent to March 11-20 in the Eperan calendar

Current titles for the series ‘Tasks of the Nakairi’ are Valbore and Nexus of Change. Arriving soon is The Shurshu.


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