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My SciFi/Fantasy Series,

Tasks of the Nakairi

   Valbore and Nexus of Change are available now at Amazon. The Shurshu is coming soon.  First chapter preview of the next book, The Demon Gate can be found here.

Cover images of Valbore, Nexus of Change and The Shurshu from the Tasks of the Nakairi series if fantasy books.

These books take place in the world known as Eperu. The Aria Atlani are refugees from a universe  destroyed in a multi-dimensional disaster. Those here on Eperu as well as others have been scattered across thirteen universes including the one that contains Earth. From time to time individuals, descendants of the refugees are brought from one of these universes to perform a necessary Task that only they can accomplish. These individuals, called Nakairi by the Aria Atlani, often bring change to Eperu and its inhabitants, both natives and the distant progeny of the refugees. So far things are progressing well, but there is an impending disaster on the horizon.

Valbore tells the story of Sara, brought from Earth to play an important part in the plans of the Goddess.

Nexus of Change  tells the story of Kendra who is not what she thought she was.

Shurshu is coming in mid-October. It continues Kendra’s story with unexpected dangers and discoveries.

My Thriller Series,

ATF Special Agent Charley Rogers.

Both Trace of Madness and The Death God are available now at Amazon

Cover images for 'Trace of Madness and The Death God, books one and two of the Charley Rogers series.

Charley is an undercover ATF Special Agent based in her hometown of Albuquerque. Coming from a long line of lawmen, Charley is living the life she had always planned on, that of a dedicated law enforcement officer. But it hasn’t been easy to get there and harder still to stay.

While still in her teens, a sadistic serial killer abducted and tortured her. Rescued, but barely alive, she has been left with scars both physical and mental. Physically, she has recovered with the aid of martial arts. Emotionally? We’ll see in Trace of Madness. In The Death God she teams up with and old childhood friend for an adventure neither of them expected.

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