Nexus of Change

Kendra was just a librarian. The Goddess brought her to an alien world to do something only she could do. However, she needs to survive long enough to figure out what it is.

Cover image for Nexus of Change, the second book of the 'Tasks of the Nakairi' fantasy series.

Kendra was a part-time librarian and martial-arts instructor. Her life was simple and she liked it that way. Unfortunately, any time the Goddess gets involved, nothing is simple. Kendra is a ‘nexus of change’ and she’s been tossed into a tense situation where subtlety reigns. The only problem is, she’s as subtle as a hammer.

The Goddess knew what she was doing when she chose Kendra though, and issues left unresolved for millennia are coming to a head.

Sometimes, a hammer is just the tool you need.

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