The Death God

An old friend brings a horrific crime to Charley’s attention and its victims cry out for justice. With some hard work and the aid of an ancient Aztec god, they’ll get it.


Cover image for the "The Death God" the second book in the Charley Rogers series.

At the behest of her old friend Ahote, ATF Special Agent Charley Rogers travels deep into the mountainous highlands of New Mexico. There, she discovers the remnants of terrible, shocking crime, something that has obviously been going on for some time. Until now, the atrocity was hidden from the world while the body count rose.

As a law enforcement officer, she must initiate the hunt for the killers. But political power could thwart her efforts and with her boss’s cooperation, she must go outside her agency to bring justice to all those victims. Her undercover role becomes almost real and their lie becomes the truth.

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