The Goddess brought Sara to fulfill a Task, but how can a  programmer who had been profoundly abused destroy a demon called Valbore?

Cover image of Valbore, book one of the fantasy series 'Tasks of the Nakairi.'

Millennia ago, the Goddess’s universe was destroyed in a war between gods. Her children found refuge in havens offered by thirteen of her brothers and sisters. Now, the Goddess brings Nakairi from one haven to another to fulfill Tasks only they can do. Tasks that the Goddess finds essential.

Sara is a crippled programmer, victim of horrific assault. Now she creeps around an alien palace beset with intrigue. Her only defenders, the dragonlords, are predators who terrify her. They’re better than the rest of the palace denizens though. When the dragonlords leave, she’s left unprotected and she finds how very bad it can get.

Hurt to her very soul, she must find the strength to be the hero that being a Nakairu implies, for in her lowest hour, she finds her Task, and it’s worse than she ever imagined.

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